iF Design 執行長 Uwe Cremering

翻看iF DESIGN AWARD 2021的國家統計數據,「設計國家 / 地區」時,頓時讓我了解到台灣的創新實力:本次由國際獨立的98位iF評審團審查,最後給台灣頒發了267個獎項,而其中六件作品更當之無愧地獲得了2021年iF金獎——比賽的最高殊榮。相較於上一年,總體獲獎結果增加了近30%,台灣的設計師和製造商十足地彰顯了他們的嶄新精神與巨大創造力:無庸置疑的務實精神加乘「沒有不可能」的核心態度,年年皆設法精進穩健、嵌入設計DNA之巧思。他們造就了獨一無二的產品和項目,同時亦深深令我們著迷。多年來,在設計驅動型公司iF排名中,仁寶電子、華碩、宏基、明基電通等頂級品牌一直處於領先地位,並不斷地擴大與革新;仁寶電子今年更榮獲兩項iF金獎。此外,還有個令人振奮的進展,那便是台灣在室內建築領域方面的成功,該領域已經持續增長了2年,與2019年相比幾乎翻了三倍;對於此一成就而言,更重要且關鍵的要旨,乃是對於年輕人才的提升與發掘。2021年iF設計人才獎共有86個概念獎,其中9個便是由台灣設計人才帶回。像如此成功的故事還有很多要補充的呢!然而,有一點已經很清楚:設計在今天,比起以往任何時候都更加重要。設計師是面對社會挑戰並總能找到改革全球問題的人。這便是我們還將繼續舉辦iF獎的原因,不間斷地促進、支持全球各地的社會項目和倡議。


When I looked at the country statistics of the iF DESIGN AWARD 2021, the innovative strength of the "design nation/region" Taiwan immediately became clear to me: In total, the international, independent 98-member iF jury gave 267 awards to Taiwan – six works of which even deservedly received the iF gold award 2021 – the highest seal of the competition. Compared to the previous year, the overall result represents an increase of almost 30 percent. CONGRATULATIONS! Taiwan's designers and manufacturers have demonstrated their innovative entrepreneurship and enormous creativity: Their pragmatism, combined with their "nothing is impossible" attitude, they manage to further strengthen and embed their DNA in design innovations more and more every year. They create products and projects that are unique and to which we are emotionally drawn at the same time. It is the top brands Compal Electronics Inc., ASUSTek Computer Inc., Acer and BenQ Corp. that have been leading the iF ranking of design-driven companies for years and are expanding their position more and more. Compal Electronics has even been honored with 2 iF gold awards this year! A really exciting development to watch is the Taiwanese success in the Interior Architecture discipline, which has been growing permanently for 2 years and has almost tripled compared to 2019 (!).

Important and crucial for this success is also a consistent promotion of young talent. Already, it is the design talents from Taiwan who bring home nine award-winning concepts out of a total of 86 awarded iF DESIGN TALENT AWARDS 2021. There is much more to add to this success story. However, one thing has become clear: design is more important today than ever before. Designers are the ones who face the challenges of our society and always find new ways to solve global problems. That's why we will also continue our iF SOCIAL IMPACT PRIZE,
which promotes and supports social projects and initiatives around the world. At iF, we are passionate about discovering and highlighting great design. We love working with and supporting the great designers of our time to unleash their creativity. And that especially includes the many great designers from Taiwan!

As soon as travelling is possible again, I look forward to many first face-to-face meetings and getting to know many creative minds in the Taiwanese community.